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What to wear for the family photoshoot

How do we dress? This part is very important as it will do a big part of the balance and look of the picture. So do take a bit of time to think it through, and do it in time. Especially if you will be more than one person on the picture.  - Think first about what kind of photos you want and follow a theme. Do you want them to look very casual and taken any day of the year? Or do you want to take the very very best out of you and dress up. Perhaps as going to a wedding? Or to a bal? You probably want to avoid that one person has jeans and sneakers and another one a ball dress. - Think classic. These photos will hopefully be hanging on your wall and be loved for a long time ahead. By choosing simple classic clothes the pictures will be timeless. Often kids loves characters, but this time it's better to say no. - If you plan to put the pictures on your wall, perhaps you want to consider the style and colours of your home so that they fit nicely? - Look into your wardrobe and choose ONE favourite piece of clothing that would fit the style of photos you want. Something that you really like a lot and that you feel comfortable with. Then build on that and put together clothes that goes well. - Fluorescent colours and very strong colours tend to colour cast on faces, necks and hair so it's better to avoid all together.

- Don't put too much patterns in the clothing (but some neutral ones can give a nice effect). If one person in the group has strong patterns try to match with outfits in solid colours to balance it out. - Don't forget about accessories! It can be some nice jewellery, hats or scarves. Not only that it looks good, necklaces for the kids to play with or hats to hide behind. Or a toy that the kid really like (and that fits to the style) that they can play with can make something really extra. Sometimes we can find some nice accessories in the nature, leaves, flowers, branches etc. Here is some inspiration:

Casual style and natural darker colour for forest and autumn pictures fits well.

Casual, natural colours for lake and beach pictures always works.

Blue, white and beige works well with water. Maternity/couple photography, taken in Vidy Lausanne.

A little more fancy style. Dark mood fits well for cloudy days. Wedding/family photography, taken in Vevey with the alps as a backdrop.

Accessories that give an amazing touch to the style of the picture. Here a boy with a hat, family picture session taken in Lavaux in sunset.

Accessories are key and gives that little extra to the picture. This little boy loves planes and this old looking plane fits well to the background and classic outfit. A toy or other object can stabilise and calm a toddler down and the posture gets more balanced. Family picture shot in northern Lausanne.

For more inspiration click HERE or HERE or simply google "coordination clothes family photo shoot" and you will find loads of inspiration and examples. Communicate all your thoughts and wishes beforehand is important so that I can adapt to your wishes. If you have any doubts or need help I am of course here to help!

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