Welcome fellow adventurers and people not doing things the traditional way!

Not many are brave enough to get married on a mountain, a dessert, by a waterfall, hanging on a cliff, a crevasse, a beach, in a boat or any other not conventional location. This is probably why you are here on my page, because we share the same values. You are adventurous and you like and dare being different and do what you feel is the right thing for you.  

What is an elopement?

It used to be a term for run-off last minute wedding in Vegas or similar. But the definition has developed A LOT and it's not at all what it means anymore. 
An elopement is a small intimate, perhaps adventurous and authentic wedding day that truly reflects who you are and your personality and who you are as a couple. And you can craft it just how you want. 

Why Elope? 

There are many reasons to elope but the main should be because there are no rules, it's a fully "just us" experience that is tailored about you and not about your family and friends, traditions or "musts".

You can also avoid complicated family matters, tick of something on your bucket list, save money, avoid the stress of the planning of a big wedding planning and standing in front of a big crowd. 

Why a full day elopement is important. 
Your wedding day is much more worth than a quick ceremony and some portraits. The most important day of your life deserves much more than that! It should be an entire experience! 
From eating breakfast together to  the dance under the stars or to cuddling up in front of the campfire. Perhaps you want to get married on a top of a snowy mountain, or amongst your best friends the gorillas, going with the jeep straight out in the Namibian dessert or on an old viking boat in a Norwegian fjord.
It's important to get the time for everything. To prepare yourself to share the bottle of Champagne to  have that break of just enjoying the moment in each others arms. 
There is no end to the creativity of how you can craft the most amazing day of your life. Just as YOU want it.

All inclusive:
I am more than just your photographer, I am your guide, planner and best friend. I'll help you in every detail to plan and craft the day your most awesome day that you could ever imagine. And document the whole story to remember for life.
Is it here the magic begins?

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