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What are the main reasons that couples decide to elope

rather than having a traditional big wedding?

- Couples want a "just us" experience 

They feel like a big wedding doesn't do that for them. They don't want to focus on the worries that can happen on a wedding day but really just focus on "just us". Eloping is not about pleasing family members or traditions but just doing something that means something to us. They feel that a big wedding doesn't have any space for intimate moments. It might not be because of the couple of the guests, it's mainly just the nature of a traditional wedding. There are timelines, details, planning, scheduling to follow to make it happen. This is simply something that a couple that is eloping want to avoid.

- Authenticity 

For some people a big wedding is the dream, but for some it's just stressful. It's both great as long as it becomes a  personal choice of what is truly you. Either way it's perfect if it's your active choice. In the end of it, it's all about you, the love you have for each other and the life you want to build together. 

- Family dramas 

Unfortunately too many people have divorces or have other issues in the family and there are family members that they don't want to invite to their most important day. Having people around you that risk destroying your day, or argue in-between each other is not a wish for anyone. But in some families a reality. Eloping is a way to come around this.

- People value experiences over "things" 

The average price of a traditional wedding that people spend in Switzerland is 30 000 chf. Some eloping people does not want to spend this amount of money on venues, decorations, food, drinks etc. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to spend the money on that, for some that's their wish and they love the planning and the big stuff and the investment that it requires. For the people that elope it's not usually because they don't want to spend any money on their most important day, but because they have a different desire about what to spend the money on. They rather want to spend it on their own adventure and their memories around that. They want to start "the rest of our lives" with an adventure that they will remember for life. 

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Stress & Anxiety 

Remember that half of the population are more or less introvert. Many people don't like to be the center of attention and just the idea of saying their vows in front of an audience could be the most nerve wracking thing ever. 

If you also are a busy person the amount of planning and preparation could just make you want to puke. That is not the way you want to spend your most precious day and the time before. Not saying that for an elopement you don't need to plan anything, you can plan just as much as you want. 

- Photography 

Memories fade with time, but photographs will last forever and remind you of that perfect day! And your children, and your grand children.

Elopements often help couples to relax more and really get true intimate moments (and photos of them) . People who elope want to make sure that the pictures really reflects them and how they were truly feeling. 

You should choose the type of wedding that brings you the most joy. If the planning and big wedding is your thing you should do that and if you want a small intimate wedding, that's what you should do.

If you do what makes your heart sing there will be no regrets. 

Contact me today if you are interested in knowing more or if you are interested in getting memories and pictures that will remind you your whole life of your most perfect day!